Euforia Anniversary - Best Headphone Amplifier 2020

Euforia Anniversary recognized by High Fidelity magazine as best headphone amplifier in 2020. Thank you!

Euforia Anniversary - Best Tube Amplifier 2019

Euforia Anniversary winning “the Best tube amplifier of 2019” award by

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Euforia Anniversary - review

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November 8-10. Audio Video Show 2019

20 Years Anniversary - a new special edition Euforia

Ready to launch

It's been exactly 20 years since the company founder, Henryk Feliks, started commercial builds of tube amplifiers. To celebrate this, we are launching a very special version of our flagship amplifier Euforia - the 20th Anniversary Edition. This new model incorporates lessons learnt over last couple of years and latest R&D projects. The effect is more than just simple sum of elements.

And what is new compared to our "regular" Euforia (which by the way will remain in our offer)? Well, quite a bit:

  • Neotech UP-OCC Single crystal signal wiring - extremely pure monocrystalic copper wire, teflon coated - able to transmit signal faster, and with less distortion than OFC or silver wires, comparing to pure silver wires (as used in "regular" Euforia) it makes the top-end of the spectrum sound richer yet less fatiguing
  • Higher grade internals including ClarityCap capacitors with CopperConnect technology- for extra smoothness and clarity
  • New low-noise-design power transformer - provides even better electromagnetic interference isolation
  • Redesigned Constant-current source modules to give rock-solid operating conditions, regardless of the external factors
  • Special finish - high gloss space grey applied using highest quality automotive painting process

We are taking orders now with first deliveries starting late September. For more details and orders contact us at or connect with our distributors/dealers in respective locations.

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Feliks Audio at CanJam Global, 30-31 March 2019. Visit the Zeppelin & Co's booth!

Euforia - Best Amplifier 2018

Feliks Audio Euforia was awarded Best Amplifier 2018 (best value) by - Thank you!

echo - Best Bang For Buck - Best Tube Amplifier 2018

We are proud to announce that Feliks Audio echo was awarded Best Tube Amplifier in 2018 edition of "Best bang for buck" by Thank you!

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