Evolution never ends. That's why we are launching a new improved version of our OTL flagship - Euforia Evo.

So what’s new? Quite a lot: XLR output, UPOCC wiring, internals upgrades largely carried over from Anniversary edition and a tube protecting mesh.
Availability? From mid November.

Envy reviewed and listed in Headfonia Best Gear list!

Another Envy review published

New review of Envy


So, the first official review of Envy is out there. Enjoy!

Please welcome “Envy" - the latest and the most advanced headphone amplifier from Feliks Audio.


This new flagship was designed from scratch to satisfy the most demanding head fi needs. It serves customers requiring not only immense output power (up to 8 Watts from the 300B tubes) to drive virtually any available headphones (dynamic or planar magnetic), but also provide utmost sound quality as a balanced Class A, single-ended design. The fit and finish is of course immaculate, with various natural oiled wood options available to customize the looks. If you’re looking for the best premium tube amplifier for your high-end headphones, we hope you have found your end-game.

Developed to drive even the most demanding headphones

  • up to 8 Watts of sophisticated single ended power from the legendary 300B tubes
  • user selectable High/Medium/Low headphone impedance for best match with any dynamic/planar magnetic headphones

Exclusive finish and extensive customization options

  • state of art oiled wood finish (oak, american other possible)
  • your own laser engraving possible
  • internal components customization

Multiple inputs and outputs for maximum functionality

  • balanced input and output using XLR connections for best fidelity, plus 3 selectable audio sources
  • pre-amplifier output RCA and XLR

Everyone grows up, and it was time for the little Echo to take the next step. We are introducing a new Echo Mark II!

So, what is new?

  • Increased power output
  • Better pairing with low impedance/planar magnetic headphones
  • Selectable 3 audio sources
  • More effective interference isolation
  • “Mute” function
  • Refreshed looks, more scratch and fingerprints resistant finish

We just launched a face-lifted version of Elise for model year 2021

What’s new?

  • New current sources generators for more stable working parameters
  • Improved internal shielding and transformer wiring to better protect from AC/mains interference
  • New cathode module, based on Euforia solution, with positivie impact on all sound output parameters
  • Improved thermal management and more efficient passive cooling driving up to 60% lower operating temperatures for improved longevity and output stability